Spill Barriers - Effectively Prevent Flood Waters or Internal Spills

DENIOS custom engineered Buildings, Cabinets, and Lockers provide solutions for customers' unique chemical processing and storage applications. Our modular structures house dangerous processes (Paint Kitchens, Battery Testing, Battery Maintenance), temperature controlled chemical processes (Ovens and Hot Boxes), and fire rated flammables storage among other hazardous chemical processing and storage applications. Standard accessories include interior and exterior lighting, temperature controlled heating and cooling, explosion relief (deflagration) panels, fire suppression systems, leak detection, gas/air monitoring, passive and fan forced ventilation, and hinged, sliding, or roll-up door options.


Most designs FM Approved.DENIOS Spill and Flood Barriers provide protection by sealing off doorways and in doing so containing chemical spills or sprinkler releases to a room or preventing flood waters from entering. Automatic Flood Barriers are FM Approved.Which products best fit your application? Follow our roadmap by clicking the link to the DENIOS System.

The DENIOS System

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