10 Reasons to buy from denios

10 reasons to buy from DENIOS

Are you working with hazardous substances?


Are you working with hazardous substances? Or are you responsible for work safety? Then DENIOS is your perfect partner!

1. Expert advice available to all our customers

All our staff are fully trained in the areas of hazardous material storage, relevant legislations and our full product range.

2. Quick and easy online ordering

Researching, finding, ordering and re-ordering products on our website is quick and easy. You can even schedule a call back from one of our experts by filling in a form on our website!

3. DENIOS products are high quality, compliant and fully tested

Our products go through the most rigorous of tests and the approvals and certificates confirm this.

4. Over 5 thousand products available for you to choose from

Instead of going to different manufacturers and suppliers for all of your products you can choose from the extensive DENIOS range of over 5 thousand products.

5. Global delivery on all our products

Call for delivery details. There is no minimum spend.

6. Buy directly from the manufacturer

DENIOS products are developed, designed and manufactured by us. This ensures that you have access to competitive prices and the experts behind the products.

7. We are with you at every step of the purchasing process

Many of our products require lengthy purchasing processes. Our fully trained team will be with you at every step, from your first inquiry and even after receiving your purchase.

8. Product training and lectures

With corporate and on-site product trainings and specialist lectures on current products, we ensure that our employees are fully up to date in the safe handling of hazardous substances.

9. Unrivalled product quality

We pride ourselves in the area of product quality. Our product developers, engineers and manufacturers work together to ensure that the products you buy are the best in the market.

10. We'll ensure that you're always up to speed

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