Grounding Cable - 3'L Bonding Wire w/Alligator Clips

Article no.: M32-0011-W
Grounding Cable - 3'L Bonding Wire w/Alligator Clips
When flammable or combustible liquids are transferred from one container to another, OSHA requires that the containers be effectively bonded and grounded to prevent discharge sparks of static electricity. Eliminate Hazardous Sparks from Static Build-up When Pumping or Dispensing Flammable Liquids Install and use proper cables to maintain a safe work place in accordance with OSHA regulations. 1 Bonding cable between containers 2 Grounding cable from pump motor, hose and drum to building 3 Always use an approved conductive hose 4 Use conductive hose fittings and hose connectors 5 Use a metal (conductive) pump tube 6 Use a motor approved for explosive environments 7 Use a stainless nozzle approved for Explosive Environments (auto-release / shut-off) 8 Provide a compliant grounding rod
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