Combination Mixer and Pump-Tube Depth:39" Pump Rate: 47g/min

Article no.: M51-0657-W
Combination Mixer and Pump-Tube Depth:39" Pump Rate: 47g/min
Combine Mixing and Pumping in One Operation. No More Switching Equipment to Complete the Job
  • Excellent for mixing and pumping emulsions and suspensions. This combined system assures uniform and consistent dispensing of multi-part liquids or liquids comprised of solvents and suspended solids such as paints, inks.
  • Optional extended length tubes for IBC's and other larger tanks. (Experience shows that thin-bodied liquids should be mixed in 55-gallon or less volumes).
  • Available in Explosion-Proof variations for flammable mixing and pumping
  • Accessories such as Hose, Nozzles, and Grounding are available to finish your system. Call factory about chemical compatibility and pricing.
  • $3,196.00 Excl. VAT


    Product information
    Drum Mixer Types Combination Mixer and Pump
    Pumps Especially Tube Depth Pump Rate Tube Type/ Motor Type Motor Size Order No.
    Suited for: (in) (g/min) Shaft Type (watts)
    General chemical mixtures 39 23 PP / SS 120 V Electric 640 M51-0645
    such as water-based paints
    Food or Pharmaceutical 39 51 SS / SS 120 V Electric 640 M51-0650
    Flammable mixtures with 39 47 SS / SS 120 V Electric 640 M51-0657
    solvent or alcohol components

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