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News for Containment and storage


Our new stacking shelves offer you almost unlimited combination options for storing and filling hazardous substances. The stacking shelves are available in 2 different module sizes A spill containment sump, optionally made of steel or plastic, ensures safe storage conditions. Due to the lying container storage, the stacking shelves can also be used as a filling station. The new stacking shelves are either available as ready-made sets including a drip tray - or you can put together your system of stacking frames and drip trays.

Lithium Ion Storage

These are the sad and distressing consequences of improper storage and charging of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries pose major fire and eruption hazards.

Damaged batteries can, under certain circumstances spontaneously ignite or become unstable and explode when heated. According to the ADR, lithium-ion batteries are classified as hazardous materials and therefore must be handled appropriately.

Asecos Li-Ion Cabinet

DENIOS Lithium-Ion Storage and Charging cabinets for the safe storage of lithium-Ion batteries. Our storage cabinets offer All-around protection: 90-minute fire protection from the outside. With tested, liquid-tight spill sump (powder-coated sheet steel). For containment of any leaks from burning batteries. With permanently self-closing doors and quality oil-damped door closers.

RFP Li-Ion Storage Buildings (Rack Fire Protect)

Safe and legally compliant storage of Li-Ion Batteries and corrosive chemicals

Storing flammable liquids requires strict safety measures to prevent serious environmental and fire damage. Flammable liquids can give off enough vapor to form burnable mixtures with air. Explosion protection measures must therefore also be considered. Designed to minimize the risk-taking hold in your workplace, the RFP Li-Ion (Rack Fire Protect) is now available in a varied collection of small, medium, and large fire-rated storage of batteries. The single or double-tiered designs will keep dangerous chemicals well organized and correctly separated

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News for Handling materials

Spill and Leaks control

Diverts spills and leaks from groundwater sources with the DENIOS line of Spill and Leak Protection products. Choose from a variety of covers, plugs, diverters, and quick leak response items.

FALCON Chemical Containers

High-quality, outstanding functional products for handling hazardous liquids in any application. They are a highly efficient and economical system for working with liquid hazardous substances. Choose between products for cleaning and dosing, fine dosing and filling, and storing and dispensing applications.

Funnels and Samplers

Fill containers safely and reliably with a DENIOS funnel. We offer a wide range of funnels, manufactured either out of the environment-friendly polyethylene or from steel and you can always find the correct funnel for every purpose.

Drum Handling

Drum carts, are compliant Sump volumes meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA, and other regulations. Offering secure storage - Sumps are 100% tested and leak-free guaranteed. They are also Solidly welded, all-steel construction for extended life, and come with integrated removable grating.

Cleaning and Disposal

Keep the workplace safe and clean with DENIOS Industrial cleaning equipment. Includes plunger cans, parts cleaning, and industrial vacuum cleaners.

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