Heating Containers & Heating Boxes

DENIOS heat containers are efficient and long-lasting systems for temperatures up to 302 ° F. We offer setting capacities of one up to 28 commercial IBCs or 1 to 96 drums at 55 gal each.

For the heat exchangers, four different energy carriers are available to our customers. The systems will be painted, galvanized or made of stainless steel. Selected accessories are configurable and each DENIOS heat container adapts to the individual needs of the user.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Robust steel frame construction of painted or galvanized steel, with the option of stainless steel construction upon request
  • Heating by saturated steam, electrical energy, heat transfer oil or hot water
  • Standard equipment also usable as a temperature controlled hazardous goods storage

Efficiently Heat, Melt and Cool

To prepare and make available temperature-sensitive substances plays a decisive role in the production processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and textile industries.

DENIOS heat containers are used here. However, the material properties of the substances used as well as the process characteristics of the various production processes differ significantly from each other. The requirements for heat containers are therefore wide.

In addition, there is an increasing level of automation and increased productivity requirements. They require an increasing integration of heat containers into the production process and a good synchronization with the process periphery.

The implementation of the storage parameters temperature constancy and heating rate are at a similar level.

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Suitable for:

Project Sequence for Heating Containers

Useful Information About Heat Containers

DENIOS has been specializing in the realization of standardized but also individual solutions in the field of thermotechnology for more than 25 years - customer-oriented, efficient and of outstanding quality:

  • Heat containers
  • Heating technology for single containers individual solutions
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Cooling and air containers
  • Cooling and climatic containers

Temperature stability
Each of our heat containers is subject to the requirement to reach the guaranteed thermal level constantly and certainly also under fluctuating external conditions. The combination of high-quality control systems combined with efficient cooling, air-conditioning and heating systems ensures maximum reliability and an even temperature distribution in the system.

Operating costs
DENIOS's application-oriented engineering is geared directly to the needs of the customer. A heat container realized in this aspect avoids mis-dimensioning and reduces operating costs. The DENIOS quality requirement ensures a high failure prevention. This directly benefits process safety in the end-use application.

Energy efficiency
The topic of energy efficiency plays an important role in the careful handling of valuable resources. DENIOS has been one of the first manufacturers of heat containers to deal with the holistic achievement of this goal. DENIOS therefore only uses energy-optimized heating, ventilation and control systems. And, in line with the idea of ​​the system, it brings together the most modern ENEV-compliant insulation and sealing materials. Thanks to their high standardization level, DENIOS heat containerss are still available at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Short heating time / cooling time
In modern, automated production processes with high process speeds, the substances used must be readily available. Heat chambers are therefore subject to the demand for rapid heating and cooling cycles. DENIOS high-performance units meet even the most stringent requirements.

DENIOS product brochures

A wide range of further details on our tailor-made solutions, product details and extensive accessories descriptions can be found in the DENIOS main catalog, which is published annually.

In addition, we offer comprehensive product brochures for our customers in the fields of hazardous substance storage technology, air technology, thermotechnology, technical and safety areas, cleaning technology as well as service and maintenance. Please visit our download section.

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