Drain Covers - Rectangle - 18 x 60

Article no.: M28-5047-W
Drain Covers - Rectangle - 18 x 60
Prevent spills and leaks from reaching sanitary and / or storm sewers with our complete program of drain covers, plugs and barriers. Drain Covers Easy to use in emergencies! Seal drains tightly to prevent spills from entering floor drains. Covers are made of chemically resistant flexible Polyurethane and resist water, oil and most aggressive chemicals. Clean up with soap and water and reuse. Available in square and round shapes.
$246.00 Excl. VAT


Round Drain Covers Order No.
12" (Diameter) M28-5052
20" (Diameter) M28-5055
30" (Diameter) M28-5058
42" (Diameter) M28-5061
Square Drain Covers Order No.
18 x 18 M28-5025
24 x 24 M28-5030
36 x 36 M28-5035
42 x 42 M28-5040
Drain Cover Carrying Case Shipping Weight (lbs.) Order No.
Case for 18" or 24" cover 6 M28-5031
Case for 36" cover 9 M28-5036
Case for 42" cover 13 M28-5041

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