Drum Cover & Funnel - Funnel + Lid: Spout

Article no.: K22-0137-W
Drum Cover & Funnel - Funnel + Lid: Spout
Our polyethylene drum funnels are perfect for both open and closed-head steel 55-gallon drums as well as for plastic drums.
  • fill drums without splashing
  • funnel covers the entire drum top
  • profiled funnel bottom allows for filling without splash
  • available with optional lid
  • dimensions ø x H: 27" x 7 1/2"
  • maximum capacity: approx. 5 gallons
  • cut-out for access to 3/4" inch drum opening for filler gauge 6" Deep Wall Funnel. Prevents splashing when pou
  • $110.00 Excl. VAT


    Funnel Order No.
    Drum Funnel w/o strainer K22-0132
    Funnel + Lid: Spout w/o strainer K22-0137
    Deep Wall Funnel Order No.
    Drum Funnel K22-1660
    Drum Funnel with cover K22-1663
    Funnel Cover only K22-1664

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