Temperature Controlled Storage in Water-Protection Area

UPPC AG in Baltringen

UPPC AG in Baltringen was founded in 1986 as a family company and incorporated in 2008 as UPPC GmbH in Dow in Germany. The company has grown to be a worldwide specialist in the manufacture and production of epoxy resins and adhesives as well as glycidyl ether. The well known epoxy resin POLYPOX is used by many customers in this industry to manufacture user-friendly high quality products. UPPC GmbH has registered all substances (including imported substances) through the REACH European chemical regulations. These regulations provide for a high level of protection for both employees and the environment.

Challenge and Project:

As the installation site is in a water protection area, the heat cabinets had to be fitted with spill pallets with a containment volume of 3,170 gallons per cabinet, so that the complete volume of fluid stored could be retained in an emergency situation. The required temperature had to be reached using hot water heating.

The Solution:

Together, UPPC and DENIOS designed two heat cabinets, each with two storage levels, for 12 x 264 gallon IBCs per heat cabinet. Temperature control was performed by a hot water heating system. Both heat cabinets were fitted with a spill pallet, which had a volume of 3,170 gallons to ensure the entire volume of the hazardous substances stored could be contained. The equipment could therefore be set up in a water protection area.

Result and Benefits:

With the involvement of the authorities, insurance companies and the fire department, an economical and legally-compliant solution could be created which offered maximum safety. The DENIOS heat cabinet offers a first class combination of efficiency and protection for employees and the environment.