Custom Engineered Parts Cleaning Room

An international bulk chemical manufacturing company needed a custom Parts Cleaning Room to include steam heat, special interior coatings, and a custom bridge crane and material access door to load and unload equipment contaminated with flammable and corrosive residue transported from the production area. Their existing cleaning procedure was inefficient, time-consuming, and potentially harmful to the environment.

DENIOS designed and delivered a 14’ Tall building with a custom wash down system and a process piping manifold to accommodate several utilities used in the parts cleaning operation. The building includes fire-rated walls and doors and special elastomer materials to minimize corrosion by acids and off-gassing.  Extra Explosion Proof LED lights aid visibility.

The DENIOS Building’s integral containment sump was key to the process as it allows for safe gathering and disposal of the contaminated washdown water.

A Custom severe duty exterior paint formulation and color, as well as an internal corrosion resistant coating, was also provided.

After delivery and installation the customer added several exterior components to increase capacity and utilization of the building.