Eradicating danger with containers (id: 264)

Eradicating danger with containers

A completely new storage system for different hazardous materials was needed for a new production plant operated by large chemical company. DENIOS realised all demands raised by current legislations and its own and the operator's highest safety standards in its design.

Challenge and task:
Special raw materials for the cosmetic industry are produced at this production site. Large quantities of different chemicals with different properties require special storage and provision. Furthermore, the unit had to comply with the Air Pollution Control Act and the high requirements imposed by the operators. Different chemicals, such as water pollutants, corrosives, temperature sensitive or flammable substances, peroxides and special starters for chemical processes, need to be stored in very close proximity.

The solution:
Chemical interaction between different substances and with storage places and buildings had to be taken into account and made separate especially protected storage compartments necessary. The unit consisted of the following containers: Fire rated storage container for monomers, refrigerated fire rated storage for WGK 3 substances, insulated, air-conditioned container for water polluting substances, store for organic peroxides, store for explosives and a separate container for the switch control box.

Outcome and use:
Assembly was completed in two days owing to the special "plug and store" design. The complete documentation including the CE marking, ATEX certificate of conformity, operating instructions, ect. were send to the costumer directly subsequent to the acceptance protocol procedures. This ensured that the system could be brought on line expeditiously. The range of services included everything from the system design to an annual check-up