Peracetic Acid Storage

Food quality and safety are two of the most challenging issues in the current regulatory environment that are of great concern to today's health-conscious consumers. Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a new production process, we're here to help. Our knowledgeable DENIOS team, innovative products, and an array of chemical storage, material handling and workplace safety solutions enable you to maintain your focus where it should be—on delivering food products that meet the highest standards of food quality, safety, and authenticity that today's demanding consumers worldwide expect.

Peracetic acid is a very powerful cleaner, used in numerous food and beverages industries and in certain other specialized agricultural production. These industries are concerned with off-flavoring, prevention of incremental build-up of bio-residues, avoiding unintended ingredient transfer between switched product lines, and maintaining facility cleanliness amongst other considerations. Industry Examples include: Meat and protein production, breweries and wineries, juice, and soft drink production.

Peracetic acid is effective, not only because it is corrosive but an organic peroxide, too. However, this also means it’s oxidizing and flammable at the same time, two corners of the “fire triangle”. When it ‘destabilizes’ (because of high temperature or dirt) it starts a runaway reaction, very difficult to stop.

Bulk Storage

For dedicated storage above 100 kg or 100 L, we recommend using a 2-hour rated fire separation.

Indoor Storage

For dedicated storage above 100 kg or 100 L, we recommend using a 2-hour rated fire separation.

For dispensing we suggest the use of spill pallets and spill stations, taking consideration for corrosion resistance; the use of 316L or a chemically resistant poly dispensing jug.

Safe Handling/Usage

For PPE and workplace handling, great care should be taken to supply workers with chemically resistant gloves and face shields, and the use of safe handling products on the bench or in process areas. A regular cleaning and inspection program for PPE is suggested to safety leaders and owners.