Work Safety - PPE

In general, the employer has a duty of care to his employee to protect him from risks and accident risks at the workplace. You should know about the topic of occupational health and safety ... Almost one million people in Germany each year have a reportable accident.

While more and more workplace safety measures are being taken to protect employees as much as possible, these accidents can not be completely avoided. To help you protect yourself, we can answer questions such as:

  • What emergency measures are the right ones?
  • What do I need to keep the accident sequences as low as possible?

Facts & Figures on Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases


Accidents on the way to work and also during work are still happening too frequently. The consequences can have long-term effects and lead to incapacity for work.

Whether it is skin disease, spinal injury or dyspnoea - all these diseases could be avoided by simple helpers in the workplace.

In the section "FAQs on Occupational Safety and Health", at the bottom of this page, we will answer frequently asked questions about the topic of occupational health and safety.