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The best equipment for an emergency

Experience shows that something always goes wrong. But when an appropriate emergency spill kit is to hand, you can react quickly. With our practical DENSORB emergency spill kits, you'll get to the incident site quickly and have the right tools to hand. 

The following information refers to the medium sized DENSORB Caddy, in special version.



Safety first

A leak must not be tackled under any circumstance if suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is not available. Safety glasses, protective gloves and safety shoes are the minimum required. The contents of our DENSORB spill kits have already taken this into consideration as goggles and gloves are always provided. Depending on the leaked substance, other equipment such as respiratory protection or whole body protection may be needed. Here you should consult the operators instructions or material safety data sheets. 

Ready for action at any time

The practical transport trolley ensures materials are transported quickly to the incident site. Its also protects the contents from dust and moisture, ensuring that the emergency equipment is always functional and ready for use.

Secure area 

The incident site should be secured so that employees do not accidentally come into contact with the leak or spread it further by feet or industrial trucks. There is a warning sign already included in our emergency spill kit. 

Stop and contain leaks

One of the first steps should always be to prevent the spill from spreading further. The emergency kit therefore includes 7 absorbent snakes (120 x 7.5 cm) to efficiently contain leaks. 

Equipped for every emergency

The transport trolley offers a clear overview and is packed full of high quality DENSORB absorbent materials for dealing with spills and leaks. 

  • 1 perforated absorbent roll (45 m x 38 cm) allowing you to tear off just as much material as is needed
  • 2 absorbent cushions (25 x 25 cm), ideal for dealing with drips
  • 25 wipes (38 x 40 cm), for wiping clean any residues and small amounts of contamination from equipmnent
  • 1 bag of granules (10 kg) including a granule shovel 

Help with disposal

There's no need to worry over what to do with saturated absorbents - we've got that covered too! The emergency spill kits comes with 10 practical disposal bags to collect used absorbents. 

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