Faucet Mounted Eyewash - 5" Outlet Head

Article no.: M34-1026-W
Faucet Mounted Eyewash - 5" Outlet Head
  • Mounts on faucet without interfering with normal operation.
  • Features two outlet heads with flip top dust covers. Heads can adjust to permit full coverage. Choose between outlet heads set 3” or 5” apart.
  • Body has 55/64”-27 female thread and comes with three adapters (15/16”-27; 13/16”-27; 3/8” IPS) for mounting on most commonly used faucets, including laboratory-types.
  • System is activated by pulling a forged brass diverter valve. Valve can be released manually or by simple shutting off the water
  • Systems assembled and tested prior to shipment
  • $97.00 Excl. VAT



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