Fluorescent Bulb Crusher (2)

Article no.: M74-0901-W
Fluorescent Bulb Crusher (2)
Fluorescent lamp disposers, which meets environmental and safety regulations for the disposal of spent lamps. Safely crush spent lamps reducing their volume by 90 percent, providing a cost effective solution. Our model M74-0901 crushes 4' and 8' bulbs and provides impact shield for added safety and a poly sleeve to capture/control any vapors which may release when detaching from the drum. 55-gallon drum not included.
$4,271.00 Excl. VAT


  • Save money and facility space by crushing bulbs on site. Each drum can hold 800-900 4ft bulbs
  • Exclusive Flail system finely cuts glass, reducing disposal costs by adding 25% more bulbs per drum than competitive models
  • Precision design reduces noise and vibration, providing added safety and extending the life of the unit
  • Optional Polysleeves reduce exposure to dust, protecting the user and all electric components.

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