Immersion Heater for mildly corrosive fluids - 240V

Article no.: M51-3285-W
Immersion Heater for mildly corrosive fluids - 240V
High Quality Immersion Heaters Provide Flexibility, Ease of Use, and Durability
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters heat liquids between 60° and 250°F.
  • Most models available with 120 or 240V.
  • Designed for a variety of applications, including corrosives, oils, degreasing solutions, and wax.
  • Over-the-side, circular element design allows usage in a variety of containers, including 55 gallon drums. Appropriate for only steel and glass containers.
  • Heating elements located in bottom coils, heating liquids from bottom of drum/pail.
  • Heaters are equipped with 4" Sludge Legs, designed to keep the element above the bottom of the tank
  • Not for use in plastic containers or for heating flammables.
  • If heating extremely caustic or corrosive chemicals, please contact factory before ordering. Features stainless steel sheath elements and 36" stainless steel riser
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    Drum Heating Immersion Heater

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