Poly Dispensing Container - Stumpy Spout Lid (Yellow)

Article no.: M72-0345-W
Poly Dispensing Container - Stumpy Spout Lid (Yellow)
Oils, Lubricant Container, Transfer and Dispensing System Color-coded container system features interchangeable lids which cover and seal 1.5, 2, 5, and 10 liter poly containers. System features four lid styles:
  • Storage Lid- Provides tight fit for storing Liquids while keeping contaminants out.
  • Utility Lid- Features large outlet hole for fast, controlled pouring. Hole also designed to fit an optional hand pump.
  • Stretch Dispensing Spout- Designed for precise pouring- ideal for lower viscosity oils (Mini Dispensing Spout- Smaller diameter opening (9/32") great where filler holes are small (machine tools).
  • Stumpy Dispensing Spout- Provides 1" spout opening for higher lube flow. Dispensing hose extender also available.
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    MODEL Order No.- Yellow Storage Lid M72-0325 Utility Lid M72-0330 Stretch Spout Lid M72-0335 Mini Spout Lid M72-0340 Stumpy Spout Lid M72-0345
    Order No.- Red M72-0326 M72-0331 M72-0336 M72-0341 M72-0346
    Order No.- Green M72-0327 M72-0332 M72-0337 M72-0342 M72-0347
    Order No.- Blue M72-0328 M72-0333 M72-0338 M72-0343 M72-0348
    Order No.- Black
    MODEL Hose Ext for Hose Ext for
    Stretch Spout Stumpy Spout
    Order No. M72-0350 M72-0351
    MODEL 1.5 Liter 2 Liter 5 Liter 10 Liter
    Dimensions- Dia x H (in) 3 x 8.25 3.5 x 9.75 4.25 x 10.75 5 x 11.25
    Order No.- M72-0320 M72-0321 M72-0323 M72-0324
    MODEL 6 Liter 10 Liter
    Dimensions Ø x H Spout Length (in) (in) 11.5 x 13 11.75 13 x 15 13.5
    Order No.
    MODEL 1 Quart 2 Quart 3 Quart 5 Quart
    Dimensions Ø x H (in) 4.5 x 6.75 5 x 8.75 6 x 10 8 x 11.25
    Spout Length (in) 8 8.25 8.25 12
    Order No. M72-0315 M72-0316 M72-0317 M72-0318

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