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DENIOS Chemical Storage Safety News

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Chemical Process Image

For a safety program to work best, workers and bosses should be on the same page. Bosses should be leaders that place safety as a key value of the company. Bosses need to present a role model for following safety procedures and provide an open environment for talking about safety concerns. Employers, managers, and supervisors should be trained on chemical process safety concepts as well as worker rights. Worker participation involves workers helping to design, put in place, and test the guidelines. All workers should be trained and play a role in all aspects of the program. They should each have a responsibility and know what they have to do in case of problems during the chemical process. If there are any obstacles to worker participation they need to be addressed by the boss. Potential obstacles include language differences and a lack of information.

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Safety Equipment Image

The most important thing is any workplace is safety. This is especially true in places that work with dangerous equipment. This is why personal protective equipment is so crucial. These materials help protect workers from common injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are over 4,000 fatal workplace injuries every year. Many of these deaths are considered preventable. This means they might have been prevented with proper precautions and safety procedures. Employers must take steps to make sure their workers have the proper safety materials available. This shows employees that their bosses care about their health and well-being. These materials might even end up saving a life. So let's get into it. Here's everything you need to know about making sure your workplace has the proper safety equipment.

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5 Tips on Safe Chemical Storage

13 April 2017 08:58:34 EDT

Chemical Storage Image

Dealing with hazardous chemicals is a necessity for many businesses. For some, it is even the primary focus of operations. These substances can prove harmful even under the best of conditions, but if you fail to develop appropriate safety measures, risks increase significantly. Each business will have to determine their own safety protocols and procure needed equipment based on the particular chemicals they store and use. However, your company isn't the first to deal with hazardous chemical storage, and you can certainly learn from those who have gone before. If you want to ensure the safety of workers and facilities, as well as the security of your business, here are a few chemical storage tips to consider.

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Posted in Hazardous Waste Storage By DENIOS, Inc. (US Division)

Benefits of Gas Cylinder Cages

1 March 2017 09:50:47 EST

gas cylinder storage picture

Some businesses store only small amounts of chemicals used in their operations. Others create, use, or dispose of chemical storage drums full of hazardous substances. Are there risks associated with storing and handling chemicals in any amount? Yes. However, businesses have the ability and the obligation to mitigate those risks. This can be done through training employees in proper handling and storage, the development of safety policies and procedures, and, of course, storage facilities and equipment aimed at maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Along those lines, many businesses install equipment like emergency showers and eyewash stations designed to decontaminate anyone exposed to harmful chemicals. Here's what your business should know about eyewash stations in particular.

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Posted in Gas Cylinder Cages By DENIOS, Inc. (US Division)

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