Advantages of an Automatic Doorway Spill Barrier

Responsible businesses do all they can to create a safe work environment and reduce the possibility for hazardous or harmful situations.

Effectively Contain Spillage Automatically

Responsible businesses do all they can to create a safe work environment and reduce the possibility for hazardous or harmful situations. However, accidents can and do happen, even with the strictest procedures and policies and the most stringent protective measures in place.


Suppose the worst should occur and your facility suffers a serious hazard like a massive chemical spill or a fire. Further suppose that the sprinkler system deploys, flooding the building and perhaps even spreading fire and/or chemicals throughout the building.

Not only will your facility be damaged, but you could be facing danger to employees or even the public. What if the power is out or the building is empty and response measures cannot be employed to stop the spread of spilled chemicals or fire?


It is for just such situations that automatic doorway spill barriers exist. These water-tight, chemical resistant barriers will keep water, chemicals, and fire contained to a small area (ideally where you use or store flammable or combustible materials).

They allow for easy passage of personnel and machinery (used to transport chemical containers, for example) when the barrier is open, but when liquids spill into the sump and begin to fill it, they displace the barrier, causing it to rise into a closed position, stopping the flow of liquid.

Best of all, they require no electricity, sensors, or manual operation to work, so they cannot fail. Plus, they're designed to contain even the output of a sprinkler system. There are many benefits to be gained when you install automatic doorway spill barriers in your facility.


Effectively Contain Spillage

The greatest advantage, of course, is containing spillage. If you work with hazardous or combustible chemicals, chances are you have primary storage and safety measures in place to prevent or account for a spill, including appropriate storage containers, lockers, platforms, and so on.


What if a container should burst or tip over, spilling the contents across the floor? If the liquid reaches your automatic barrier, it will rise as required to prevent liquids from passing beyond the barrier.

If materials should combust, setting off the emergency sprinkler system, the water released will be contained, along with any chemicals and even floating fires. Containment is the number one benefit of automatic doorway spill barriers.


Reduce Scope and Cost of Cleanup

The more you're able to contain spills of any type, the less you're going to spend on cleanup efforts after the fact. In addition, automatic doorway spill barriers are less costly to install than other options such as drains and sumps, or alternately, trenches and containment ponds.


When used properly, automatic doorway spill barriers are perhaps the most cost-effective means of preventing damage outside of a containment area, reducing the scope and price tag for damage should a spill or sprinkler release occur.


Protect Employees and Facilities

In addition to preventing damage to all but a small area of your facility when chemical spills or fires resulting in sprinkler release occur, spill barriers also protect the health and safety of your employees. Even a small amount of chemicals mixed in with the water released from sprinklers can constitute a health hazard. A barrier effectively stops these harmful liquids from reaching workers.


The same is true of floating fires. Some combustible materials may not be extinguished, even when sprinklers flood the area. These chemicals could continue to burn, floating on the water released by sprinklers, and flood into other areas of your facility if not contained, potentially harming employees along the way. Automatic doorway spill barriers prevent this from occurring.


Prevent Environmental Hazards

Depending on your facility, it's possible that a major spill or leak could result in chemicals escaping the building and posing a risk to the public or causing an environmental hazard. Again, having an automatic doorway spill barrier for containment can eliminate this potential for harm.



Meet Safety Standards

Any company that handles or stores hazardous, flammable, and/or combustible materials must comply with safety laws related to such materials. Rules and regulations may not specifically call for the use of automatic doorway spill barriers, but this safety equipment can help businesses to meet standards and keep their facilities, employees, and the environment safe should the worst-case scenario of a major chemical spill or fire occur.