Benefits of a Modular System for Chemical Storage

Operating a business that stores any kind of flammable, toxic, or hazardous materials, requires the need to find a safe way to store those materials with FM approved solutions.

Safe way to store those materials with FM approved solutions.

Operating a business that stores any kind of flammable, toxic, or hazardous materials, requires the need to find a safe way to store those materials with FM approved solutions. This is especially the case if you run any kind of chemical storage buildings and you are responsible for keeping hazardous chemicals safe from the public and secure in the case of flooding or any other type of natural disaster.

If you want to be sure that you are not only complying with all the safety codes, but mitigating risks on all ends, then you are going to need to look into a modular system for your chemical storage buildings. If you are not already using this type of system, then you need to understand what kinds of risks you are taking in regard to public safety, as well as the safety of your growing business. Here are the benefits of a modular system for chemical storage.

Temperature Control
There's a good chance that whatever hazardous or dangerous materials you are storing is best kept at a very specific temperature. Even if there is a slight range in temperature, you want to be sure that your products are not at the mercy of a constantly shifting climate. If you live in a region where the temperature changes quite dramatically from one season to the next, you're going to need a storage system with a temperature control system that includes both heating and cooling, so that your chemicals are always maintained at an optimal temperature.

Leak Detection
A modular system may be able to seal and lock tightly in order to prevent any leaks from the storage system itself, but what about the packaging that you use to store your chemicals? In such a situation, your employees could be put at risk if they open the door and aren't dressed properly to protect themselves for the wave of noxious fumes that might be waiting for them. That's why you need a modular system that includes leak detection. This way, you can be prepared ahead of time if there is a leak inside the system and prepare yourself and your employees appropriately.

Interior and Exterior Lighting
When dealing with hazardous chemicals, you need both hands at your disposal, and if you are holding a flashlight in one, not only will you be shorthanded but your workspace won't be properly lit either. With a modular system you can have both interior and exterior lighting so that your vision is not impeded in any way, and you have both hands at your disposal, enabling you to work more safely and efficiently.

Fire Suppression Systems
The amazing thing about a fire suppression system is that it works on both sides of the storage unit. If, for some reason, a fire is ignited within the unit, it will be completely isolated from the rest of your warehouse and extinguish itself eventually. In the more likely situation that a fire is ignited elsewhere in your warehouse, all of the contents inside the storage unit will be protected so that they don't contribute to an even more dangerous and costly situation.


Flood Resistance

One of the greatest threats to any chemical storage buildings is that of a flood. Chemicals that are not properly sealed and guarded can pollute and threaten entire communities. These kinds of risks can result in tragic consequences, however, these risks also have very simple solutions. A modular storage system is a properly sealed unit that prevents chemical spills on the inside from reaching the outside, and it also prevents flood waters from the outside so that they don't reach the inside. This kind of protection is absolutely necessary if your facility is located in a region that is prone to flooding, or if you are dealing with hazardous materials, such as batteries that are known to leak unexpectedly.


Multiple Doorway Options
Most modular systems come with multiple doorway options so that you can choose the system that is ideal for you. You can choose from sliding doors, roll-up doors, or standard hinged doors. The type of door you need may depend on the type of chemicals you are storing, but it also may depend on the placement of the unit within your chemical storage buildings.