DENIOS Has Two New Hot Box Projects

denios has two new hot box projects

DENIOS has two new Hot Box projects (chemical process heating enclosures) recently completed.

This first features a 15kw heater and fan forced air circulation in an 8 (55 gallon) drum Cabinet. The enclosure is designed to be placed outdoors and maintain an internal temperature 122°F in an area which can reach as low as -5°F. The construction provides R-20 insulation, hinged doors, and NEMA 4X controls.

The second is designed to hold 8 IBC totes (stacked two-high). It will also be placed outdoors and utilizes steam heat to maintain an internal temperature of 180°F in an environment which can reach 0°F. The Cabinet provides two separate steam coils (both 90 PSI) and two fan forced air circulation units. Construction features R-20 insulation, hinged doors, and NEMA 4X controls. This is the fifth unit of its type provided to this customer.

If you have any questions about these applications, please contact DENIOS at 877-388-0187 or