What You Need to Know About FM Approvals

what you need to know about fm approvals

But what is FM Approvals?

The world is a dangerous place, especially when you own and operate a business.  Between potential catastrophes like natural disasters and data breaches, you've got plenty to occupy your mind, in addition to the rigors of daily operations.

The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your products could fail to meet safety and performance standards; damaging your reputation, undermining customer trust, and leading to losses of sales and patronage.  You want to make sure that your products are high quality, that they perform as intended, and that they offer technical integrity.

The best way to gain peace of mind when it comes to the products you manufacture is to undergo research and testing by FM Approvals.  When the FM Approved label appears on your products, you can turn your mind to more important matters.

But what is FM Approvals?  How exactly does it benefit your company and how is it recognized worldwide?  Here are a few things every company should know about FM Approvals.

What Does FM Stand For?
FM is Factory Manual Research Corporation, more commonly known as FM Global.  It is a property insurance company that goes the extra mile to mitigate losses by actively working with partners before, during, and after loss.

With a focus on research and testing, FM Global pushes the boundaries of what might occur so that companies can plan accordingly and avoid damage and loss whenever possible.  FM Approvals is part of FM Global.

What is FM Approvals?
FM Approvals is the independent testing group for FM Global.  Through stringent scientific research and testing at state-of-the-art facilities, this group can test products more thoroughly than most businesses or even other research facilities.  They test products for risk, reliability, and failure prevention.

In order to ensure that products meet the highest possible standards for performance, quality, and technical integrity, they are run through a gamut of tests for certification.  Testing includes theoretical, computational, and experimental research methods.

Plus, FM Approvals is willing to conform to recognized testing standards of other organizations in addition to their own set standards, ensuring the best possible outcome.  The overarching goal of these tests is loss prevention, and an FM approved seal means that products have met the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.

What should be Tested and Approved?
The FM approved mark may be applied to any number of industrial or commercial products.  At this time, FM Approvals has developed over 200 approval standards for products as diverse as sensors, monitors, detectors, tools, valves, flame arresters, storage cabinets, buildings, lockers, and much more.

You can find a comprehensive list on their website and if you don't see your specific product featured, chances are the company can utilize recognized testing standards and/or create a set of approval standards for your product based on their research and testing methodology.

So who should use FM Approvals for research, testing, and certification of products?  FM Approvals works mainly with companies that manufacture fire protection equipment, electrical equipment, and building materials.

Because the products created by such companies are of the utmost important to the safety of facilities and workers, they must meet the highest standards for performance and safety.  FM Approvals takes pride in setting the bar high, pushing the limits of known threats, and exploring testing methods that mitigate even remote risks and lead to greater loss prevention.

Obtaining the FM approved seal for your products tells consumers that you have conformed to the highest standards for performance, safety, and overall product reliability.  This symbol is globally recognized and denotes quality of goods.

Why Do You Need FM Approvals?
Many companies offer research and testing certification for products.  What makes FM Approvals different?

If you want the best, it has to be FM Approvals.  Their research and testing methods, their state-of-the-art facilities, and their devotion to creating and meeting the highest standards for safety, effectiveness, and property loss prevention are parallel to none.

When you see the FM approved mark on your products, you know you're protected.  When consumers see the FM approved mark, they can feel confident that they're purchasing products that have undergone rigorous testing and are certified as meeting the highest standards for quality and performance.