Chemical Storage Lockers / FM Approved

Chemical Storage Lockers can be Relocated using a Forklift or Crane

DENIOS provides businesses and industries with the most complete drum locker program available. Designed for small volume outdoor storage of drums and IBC Totes, DENIOS’ Locker Program manufactures a variety of models; from secured, basic storage of non-combustible chemicals to more robust designs for hazardous applications, including 2-hour fire rated construction.

DENIOS US chemical storage lockers can handle up to 14 drums or 2-350 gallon IBC totes. IBC Storage come in both non-combustible and 2-hour fire rated construction. Most designs are FM Approved. All provide compliant spill containment.

Also, numerous options are available, including lighting, heating, shelving, fire suppression systems, and fan-forced ventilation. Ample headroom is also provided for attaching pumps to the tops of drums or totes to allow dispensing. Easy relocation of chemical storage lockers can be achieved using a forklift or crane.