Doorway Spill Barriers

Secondary containment of spills with doorway spill barriers

DENIOS US flood barriers and doorway spill barriers effectively prevent flood waters or internal spills like sprinkler releases from spreading throughout the facility. The automatic models sit open, allowing a normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic until the discharged liquids automatically trigger then to close. No outside power is required. Manual models are designed for low traffic areas and typically remain closed. They are easily opened and reset by an individual.

Exclusive to DENIOS US, the HazBerm is a modular concrete berm system constructed of polymer concrete- making it resistant to fire and harsh chemicals.

DENIOS US prides itself on leading the spill control and secondary containment industry in flood barriers and spill barriers product development. Spill containment or secondary containment systems are conceived to hold a pre-defined volume of liquid in a containment or spill sump sized for the particular volume of product being stored. These products confine a spill in the sump to prevent the spill from spreading. Many situations do not lend themselves to common secondary containment equipment. Processing or warehousing often involve larger volumes or areas than can be practically housed in a hazmat enclosure.

Also, what about damage to facilities from outside floodwaters? What options are there for containing larger spills or floods that threaten vast areas? OSHA and EPA Regulations require that all releases be contained and that the flow of chemicals or sprinkler water is prevented from migrating into drains, sewers or the environment. Such large volume spills can prove to be catastrophic in scope and expenses involving reclamation, repair, and monetary fines.