Drum and Tote Handling & Accessories

Accessories for Drums and Totes

For every manufacturing company, for every craft business and for all laboratories, hazardous substances are always a hot topic, because it is important to avoid accidents and not play the insurance cover lightly. Lawmakers rightly demand compliance with laws and regulations governing the handling of substances that can endanger humans and the environment.

There are currently numerous legal regulations governing the storage, transport and handling of hazardous substances depending on the hazards they pose. Hazardous substances are often stored in barrels. These barrels and other containers not only need to be stored and transported safely.In every industry a large proportion of hazardous materials are stored in drums. To ensure an efficient production process, drums have to be transported safely to the work place and filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken.

As experts in hazardous material storage solutions, DENIOS knows exactly how to handle drums and have been creating material handling equipment for hazardous materials for over 25 years. Particular emphasis has been given to systems for safe handling and usage, which guarantee optimal safety for both people and the environment through high functionality.

DENIOS has developed and produced a wide range of products and technical solutions for every drum handling task, be it lifting, moving, turning, tipping or emptying to ensure optimum safety for both personnel and the environment.

Ensure that drums and IBCs and their stored contents are handled safely with a range of appropriate safety accessories, including fill level indicators, safety vents, screw adapters, drum wrenches, IBC openers and earth leads and cables.

To facilitate your handling of drums and to secure your work area, use grounding clips and earthing cables to secure the handling of the barrels. Drum openers are available to open drums once they are in place to facilitate your work.

Level indicators monitor the fill level of your barrel to anticipate the exchange or filling. Threaded adapters to connect your pumps and mixers, pipes or tubes.

Additionally we offer a range of attachments for forklifts which enable a user to lift drums, transport them and sometimes turn them, position drums close to each other on a shelf and to store drums efficiently without manual handling.