Industrial Hoppers & Tilt Trucks

DENIOS Hoppers, Tilt Trucks and Stackable Containers

DENIOS offers a wide range of waste hoppers, tilt trucks and industrial stackable containers for various industrial applications. Our waste hoppers and tilt trucks allow personnel the ability to conveniently & safely load, move and unload materials. 

We offer two types of waste hoppers: manual waste hoppers and fork lift hoppers.   Whether manual or forklift, we have durable waste hoppers constructed of either steel or polyethylene.  Many of our waster hopper models are equipped with casters to facilitate safe and easy transportation throughout the facility.  The forklift waste hoppers come equipped with integrated forklift pockets for easy pallet truck access, and are designed to transport heavy loads.

Our tilt trucks offer flexibility and ease of use with a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs.  Our tilt trucks are molded from a heavy duty polyethylene and are designed to resist dents, chips, corrosion and moisture absorption.

Denios offer a wide range of industrial stacking containers, in steel or polyethylene, depending on your product to be stored.   Our industrial stacking containers are weather-resistant, stable and easy to clean.  Some models also provide four-way forklift access for easy transport.

Depending on the model, our industrial stacking containers offer a collection volume of 10 to 265 gallons. The compact space-saving tank impresses with its resistance to many acids and alkalis with a specific weight of up to 8 lbs/gallon. The stacking ability is ensured with the optional stacking rack. The space saving tanks are available with different collection volumes. Plastic barrels are made from food-safe, impact and shock-resistant polyethylene (PE) and are available in 6 sizes.

What are the advantages of plastic waste hoppers, tilt trucks and industrial stackable containers?

  • Liquid-tight and ideal for storing containers - acids, alkalis, oils, non-flammable cleaning solutions, etc.
  • High resistance to many acids, alkalis and aggressive media
  • Made of environmentally friendly and durable polyethylene
  • Weatherproof
  • Low weight
  • Option: available with lid
  • Easy to clean

What are the advantages of steel waste hoppers, tilt trucks and industrial stackable containers?

  • Collecting and transporting bulk goods and heavy goods of any kind
  • Stable frame construction; Sheet steel with edge reinforcement
  • Unlocking the tipping process by cable from the truck seat
  • Limitation of tipping at 90 degrees
  • Chain safety prevents the container from slipping off the forks