Protective Barriers

Your manufacturing plant could be a hazardous place. With regards to proper protection, a yellow-colored line painted on the floor simply doesn’t get the job done. A typical option is metal posts and mounted guardrail systems, which perform a great job of dividing common spots from dangerous ones. But the more visible you can make an area, the safer it can be. We can provide you with the right options, such as safety barriers, that provide the ultimate protection from high and low impact collisions.

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Protection From High and Low Impact Collisions

With impact protection barriers, traffic safety equipment and drain protection, you ensure the security of your industrial facilities and effectively protect people and equipment in highly frequented production areas. 

Choose from a variety of safety and impact protection products, including:

  • Barricades
  • Barriers
  • Caution Signs
  • Bollards
  • Cages
  • Guards
  • Fencing
  • Posts
  • Column Protectors

Start-up and Edge Protection

Free-standing pillars, columns and posts pose a constant threat to in-house traffic. Protect these elements with pier protection profiles from DENIOS that offer effective collision protection. Cornering and drive-through areas also frequently cause damage or even accidents. Corner protection profiles provide the necessary protection here. The lifespan of your vehicles and equipment is significantly increased. 

Traffic Safety

The many facets of occupational safety also include aids for traffic safety, for example on the company parking lot. Parking stops are ideal for parking individual parking spaces or for protecting green areas. They protect against vehicle damage by bumping against building walls or walls. Traffic mirrors and speed bumps complete the topic of safety in this sensitive area - not only outdoors, but also within production halls. Floor markings also improve occupational safety if, for example, they mark the paths of industrial trucks. 


Barriers and person guidance systems ensure flexible security in the company and in outdoor areas. The application cases are diverse - that is why DENIOS offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the implementation of your typical application: bollards, chain stands, barrier chains, scissor locks, personal guidance systems, locking bars and tilting posts.