Waste Bins & Containers

Aluminum Trash Cans

DENIOS offers a wide assortment of waste bins, and flammable, self-extinguishing waste containers available in steel, stainless steel or polyethylene. The range is divided into bins for indoor and outdoor use. The volumes range from 2 to 34 gallons.

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Self-Extinguishing Waste Containers

Fire Suppressing Waste Cans provide convenient and rugged disposal.

In production and laboratory, wastes such as cleaning rags that are soaked with environmentally hazardous, flammable or flammable liquids often fall. It is dangerous to give these to normal bins. Flame-extinguishing waste containers from DENIOS offer the right solution. Safety collection containers are suitable for the safe collection of cleaning rags and other wastes and offer the self-closing lid protection against the resulting fires. The safety disposal containers prevent spontaneous inflammation of the contents, but are also suitable for extinguishing already burning materials.

The self-extinguishing collecting container made of steel sheet is equipped with a vibrating lid hood. The safety dumpster is available as a self-extinguishing waste container with 15 to 50 litres volume and offers ideal fire protection.