Dispensing Safety Cans & Containers

IBCs, Drums, and Safety Cans

DENIOS US offer a range of drum and containers for safely storing materials.

Intermediate Bulk Container or IBC containers are designed for the safe and legal storage and transport of liquid substances such as chemicals and solvents.

Wide-mouth drums, for example, are made of high-quality plastic and are ideal for the storage of solids and pastes. Steel drums for liquid substances have ported openings. They are opened with lids, which usually require special tools for their opening.

We supply standard polyethylene IBCs with plastic pallets and a volume of either 211 to 264 gallons as well as a wide variety of drums and barrels for storing and transporting larger quantities of hazardous materials.

Safety cans are ideal for safely dispensing and transporting small quantities of hazardous materials as well as small volumes of flammables in work areas or laboratories. Features include a self-closing lid and flame arrestor.