Drum Funnel

Fill steel or poly drums and IBCs safely and reliably with our funnels. DENIOS offer a range of funnels to facilitate drum filling processes. In particular, when transferring from larger to smaller containers funnels are essential to avoid excessive dripping losses.  

Our poly drum funnels are perfect for both open and closed-head steel or poly drums. The Poly Deep Funnels allow for high volume pouring without splashing or over-filling. The special vent system eliminates air-lock inside the drum while pouring. Flammable models are also available that has a self-closing check valve that minimizes vapor emissions and prevents spillage if the drum is accidentally tipped over.

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Safely and Reliably Fill Containers

These funnels are manufactured either out of environmentally friendly, durable polyethylene or from sturdy steel and there is a large assortment of different sizes, from which users of all disciplines can select the right funnel depending on the application. Classic funnels with a rigid spout are available as well as funnels in a round or honeycomb version.