Falcon Cans

Chemical Containers

High-quality, outstanding functional products for handling hazardous liquids in any application. They are a highly efficient and economical system for working with liquid hazardous substances. Choose between products for cleanning and dosing, fine dosing and filling and storing and dispensing applications. 

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Handling liquids?

Handling flammable liquids requires great care, caution, and increased monitoring. Falcon products offer reliable protection and maximum safety during the transportation and handling of dangerous products. The extensive Falcon range includes filling cans, dosing cans, transport and storage cans, as well as safety cans for the safe handling of aggressive products. Take advantage of sprayers, humidifiers and plungers for your cleaning operations.

FALCON Advantages:

  • Precise dosing for exact racking and decanting or highly dosed spraying.
  • Economical and constant sampling, significant reduction in solvent and vapor losses.
  • Very resistant to chemicals and aggressive substances.
  • Superior quality construction, strong and robust.
  • Complete protection (eg against flashbacks or ignition of contents) thanks to ventilation, pressure relief valves, flame arresters and protection rings around the body of the container.

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Promotes Complete Emptying

Filling containers and measuring cups support a safe filling and dosing in different work situations in the workshop or the production hall. A wide range of products ensures a versatile use in everyday life. Steel measuring buckets, steel tanks, oil reservoir cans, measuring cups and filling/dispensing cans are just a few examples of sophisticated product diversity.

Due to their low weight, measuring cups made of polypropylene with grading are ideally suited for handling liquids. The subdivided liquid scale guarantees the simplest dosage with the aid of the measuring cup. Oilers are suitable for use in industrial environments and facilitate work thanks to their ergonomic design and powerful, double-acting pump. The product design of the DENIOS oiler promotes complete emptying.

You can find the right product for every application with products manufactured from polyethylene, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or powder-coated steel.

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