Drum Mixer


Drum & IBC Mixers from DENIOS ensure the correct consistency and viscosity of your liquids.

Among the most typical containers used for production as well as distribution of fluid products is the use of a 55-gallon drum. Chemical materials and paint alongside coatings, in addition to a limitless list of specialized products, are mixed or at least prepared in drums made from carbon steel, stainless steel and polyethylene.

The right tools required for drum mixing differs with the attributes of the products and with the accessible drum opening. For that reason, DENIOS's drum mixer products range is among the most varied offered with several choices for power source, installing method and impeller variations for low and high viscosity liquids.

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The right consistency and viscosity

A number of hazardous substances, additives or other production-related substances must be constantly stirred or agitated. In this way, mixing ratios are optimally maintained, which has a direct effect on the nature of the respective substance. A classic area of ​​responsibility is, for example, water treatment, electroplating or the chemical industry, the beverage industry and the cosmetics industry. Depending on requirements, DENIOS offers users a choice of different drives, such as compressed air or electric drives. If required, an ex-protected version is also available.