Grounding & Bonding Cables

Earthing devices are indispensable for preventive explosion protection in sensitive work areas and ex-zones. Static discharges are discharged directly to the earthing point or do not even occur. Avoid the risk of explosion through sparking and static build-up with DENIOS range of earthing cables and grounding equipment.

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LED Grounding Clamps 

Think you've done everything to ground the drum you're dispensing from? Think again- built up corrosion or paint on the container could prevent you from being properly grounded. You need to be certain. 

NewLED Grounding Clamps and Wall-Mounted Grouding Montiors feature a flashing green indicator light to assure personnel their connection is properly grounded. Both the Clamp and Wall-Mounted LED indicators are operated by a 9-volt battery. With the clamp, the LED system is housed in actual clamp. The Wall-Mounted Monitor features an easy-to-install remote housing for the system. 

Use the clamp in clean, non-abusive areas, where dust or paint won't hinder the visibility of the indicator and rough handling won't damage the clamp's electronic components. The Wall-Mount Monitor is designed for industrial settings, where the monitor housing the sensitive components can be placed away from any airborne contaminants or normal factory related abuse. 

DENIOS can offer you a variety of drum grounding clamp and bonding cables including:

  • C-clips
  • Plier clamps

Install and use proper cables to maintain a safe work place in accordance with OSHA Regulations.

  1. Bonding cable between containers
  2. Grounding cable from pump motor, hose and drum to building
  3. Always use an approved conductive hose
  4. Use conductive hose fittings and hose connectors
  5. Use a metal (conductive) pump tube 
  6. Use a motor approved for explosive environments
  7. Use a stainless nozzle approved for Explosive Environments (auto-release/shut-off)
  8. Provide a compliant grounding rod