IBC and Drum Heater

Different materials and production processes require different preparations. The practical solutions from DENIOS US with regards to thermotechnology are designed to suit individual requirements.

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Ideal when you need to heat just a single drum or IBC

Heating blankets for drums and IBCs are suitable for flexible heating of individual containers, even when on the move. Heating jackets for drums and IBCs are available for container sizes ranging from 7 to 265 gallons, even for areas at risk from explosion.Drum heating blankets are available in either steel or silicone and are well-suited for mobile use. Drum heating blankets for drums and IBCs are ideal when you need to heat just a single drum or IBC.

To avoid frost damage to stored chemicals as well as to achieve the optimum temperature for removal and further processing, DENIOS offers various heating systems for drums and intermediate bulk containers, even suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Your advantages:

  • Energy-saving design
  • Control range 32 up to 194 degrees F
  • Splashproof available
  • Also for hazardous areas

The heating jacket HM by DENIOS uses a heating element made of spiral-wound resistance wire, with an insulating layer of silicone. This reduces heat losses, resulting in lower power consumption. A precisely defined control range from 32 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit allows for safe heating. 

The heating jackets are made of water-repellent and abrasion-resistant polyamide with polyurethane coating and high quality insulation made of quilted glass wool. They are available both for a barrel and for an IBC. Such a heating jacket requires little storage space and is quickly installed if necessary.


Use our checklist below to assess if our Heating jackets would be the best solution you need to consider.


Checklist: The 7 questions you need to consider
1. What substance do you need to project?

Heating jackets work well with materials that need temperature maintenance and frost protection: oils, animal or vegetable fats, chemicals, tar, bitumen etc. Alternatively, the steel drum heating belt is ideal for keeping substances such as glue, paint or oil at a temperature needed for further processing. They usually operate within the range of -20 to 40 degrees C.
2. What is the location of the stored materials?

Insulating heating jackets and heating belts come in a variety of materials that are adapted for internal or external storage, depending upon your needs.
3. Are there other risk factors in the vicinity e.g. is it an explosion risk area?

Some heating and insulating systems will need to be ATEX rated. Make sure your products are ATEX rated and give you that extra protection you need.
4. What storage capacities do you need?

DENIOS heating jackets fit container sizes from 25 - 1,000 litres. They can be used on drums, IBCs and gas cylinders with a range of appropriately sized jackets for sizes within these ranges.
5. Is the temperature control needed all year round?

Heating jackets are a great solution when temperature maintenance is only needed for part of the year, e.g. for frost protection.
6. Does the storage need to be moved around?

DENIOS heating jackets fit container sizes from 25 - 1,000 litres and be used on static or moveable containers.

7. Do you need accurate maintenance and control?

DENIOS heating jacket ranges can come with digital temperature monitoring and control for a range of 0 - 90 degrees C, insulating hoods, silicon-insulated heating coils and base heating pads.

DENIOS heated jackets are available with no delivery delays. If you need yours now, place your order and it will be on its way within days.