Strip Heaters

A DENIOS flexible strip heater simply wrap around the vessel, clip together and all you have to do is set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Made of high-grade thermal insulation to reduce heat-loss and increase efficiency whilst providing protection for the operator. It delivers an even heat over a large surface area, minimizing the possibilities of damaging the product. Available in custom sizes and safe to use 24/7. 


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Precisely adjust the heat output for the relevant application

The induction heater is high performance but at the same time energy saving and has short heat-up times. A combination of induction heaters and induction heater plates shortens heat-up times further. Type FH drum heaters are available in various models.

These drum heaters can heat up or warm substances to prepare them for further processing. The wide control range of the drum heaters allow you to precisely adjust the heat output for the relevant application.

Various heating systems are available for a variety of uses, such as floor heating, jacket heating or a combination of the two.The tempering of substances is an important process in many industrial companies. For example, if solids are to be melted or if raw materials have to be prepared by heating for further processing. In this way, for example, the viscosity of a liquid can be reduced in order to better pump or fill it. Heat chambers with large capacity are not always required for this purpose. Mobile drum heaters and heating jackets are a great alternative. Depending on the application, a different amount of heat is supplied to bring the content to an optimal temperature for processing or to maintain a constant temperature.