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HazMat Stations and Sheds

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Our Chemical storage cabinets or Hazmat stations are perfect for outdoor or indoor use, they are heavy-duty with spill containment. Choose between Steel or Poly based on your chemicals. For battery storage, the Li-Ion Hazmat Stations are perfect for the disposal of defective batteries.

Storage hazardous (HazMat) material stations, whether you store 2 or 4 drums - 1 or 2 IBCs, jugs, safety cans, or small containers.

You can have practical access and safety in a single product with reliable storage.

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We have solutions for larger space requirements, like cabinets and containers. To find out more go to 'Storage & Barriers Solutions'.

Secure Storage of Drums


Checklist How to store gas cylinders correctly outdoors

Our checklist shows you how to choose the right location for your gas cylinder storage facility and design it in compliance with the law, how to ensure safe operation on a day-to-day basis, and which maintenance and inspection obligations must be complied with.

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Pioneers of Green Mobility rely on safety products from DENIOS

Many DENIOS customers are at the cutting edge of technical developments for the green transport revolution. They are pioneering tomorrow's transport - on the road, rail, water, and in the air. We work closely with them by providing the latest safety technology solutions. Find. out how we are doing this!

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DENIOS awarded sustainability seal again - EcoVadis 2022

Every year, companies are audited and evaluated by EcoVadis based on questionnaires and supporting documents. Specifically, DENIOS has been scrutinized as a manufacturer in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The result: Excellent! Throughout the past few years, DENIOS has repeatedly managed to earn this important seal - in 2022, DENIOS succeeded for the ninth time in a row.

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Storing Hazardous Substances with Spill Pallets

It is commonly said that one drop of oil can contaminate up to 1,000 liters of water. Contamination of waters threatens a fine or even imprisonment. But what should be done to prevent this from happening?

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HazMat Stations

Durch das Lagern von Gefahrstoff-Gebinden mit wassergefährdenden Flüssigkeiten in bzw. auf geeigneten Auffangwannen kann einem unkontrollierten Auslaufen bei Leckagen oder Rissen vorgebeugt werden. Mit einer Auffangwanne kann man die Sicherheit bei der Lagerung wassergefährdender Stoffe bereits erheblich erhöhen. Lecks oder Risse in Gefahrstoff-Gebinden, meist Fässer oder IBC, stellen kein Problem dar, weil die Flüssigkeiten aufgefangen werden. Auf diese Weise werden die Stoffe am Eindringen in die Kanalisation oder das Erdreich gehindert. Wie kann man sich dies bei alltäglichen Vorgängen wie Ab- und Umfüllarbeiten zunutze machen? Mit nur wenigem Zubehör erweitert man seine DENIOS Auffangwanne zu einer vollwertigen Abfüllstation. Meist genügen eigens auf die Dimensionen der Wanne abgestimmte Abfüllböcke oder ein Abfüllpodest. Mittels Fasszubehör wie Zapfhähnen oder Pumpen lassen sich Stoffe aus dem lagernden Gebinde sicher in andere Gebinde abfüllen. Die Auffangwanne erfüllt gleichsam eine Doppelfunktion: Sie sichert das Lagergut bei etwaigen Leckagen ab und fängt zugleich Tropfverluste auf. Kunden müssen sich die Einzelkomponenten der Abfüllstationen nicht selbst zusammenstellen. DENIOS bietet sie in verschiedensten Varianten als Komplett-Sets an.


The storage of hazardous substances is always a challenge so that the available space can be used as effectively as possible. This raises some questions: How do you create cost-effective storage space without having to reduce the production area? How do you store IBCs or barrels safely and efficiently outdoors? How do you achieve flexible expansion of storage space when investing in a hazardous materials storage facility is not yet worthwhile? And how can hazardous substances be stored when a large production site requires storage, work routes, and work processes to be as efficient as possible?

DENIOS has the efficient and cost-effective solution for you: hazardous substance depots. For safe storage in a compact space.

  • Steel HazMat stations for Drums
  • Poly Cabinets for Drums
  • Steel HazMat stations for IBCs
  • Poly Cabinets for Drums

Depending on the requirements, DENIOS HazMat stations can be designed for one or more containers. whether you store 2 or 4 drums, jugs, safety cans, or small containers, you can have practical access and safety in a single product.


Hazardous substance depots are designed for storing a few containers, can be used multiple times, and offer efficient protection in a compact space. Various versions of hazardous substance depots are available for legally compliant hazardous substance storage. Depending on the design, DENIOS hazardous substance depots are approved for the correct storage of substances in all water hazard classes, flammable liquids, or aggressive chemicals.

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