Concrete Berms

Exclusive to DENIOS US, the concrete berm is a polymer system which can be easily installed in an existing facility.

Individual berm pieces can be placed together, allowing the user flexibility to work around existing impediments like columns and equipment. Polymer concrete construction provides durability and resists harsh chemicals and fire. 18” height provides ample containment for most spills while still allowing the pieces to be easily handled.

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DENIOS’ Exclusive HazBerm creates large, modular containment areas within facilities – a more efficient alternative to conventional berms and curbs.

  • Patent-pending modular design allows for custom sizing for each application
  • Polymer concrete segments are highly chemical and fire resistant
  • Systems are easily supplied and installed
  • Available in tan or black
  • Does not require floor footers, forms, or on-site concrete pouring

Perfect for use in containing tanks or other large liquid holding vessels. Recommended for smaller footprints with level/well-maintained floors.

Installation is easy. Berm pieces are bolted to your floor using provided hardware- no need to jackhammer the floor or set up forms for pouring concrete. Pieces are sealed together using a chemically resistant/flammable caulk (also supplied) which provides a liquid tight seal.

Should your containment needs change, the HazBerm can be removed and reset in another location.

In addition, the HazBerm can be combined with DENIOS US Spill Barriers to provide easy entry or exit to the containment area.