Racking and Shelving

Chemical Shelving for Small Containers

Hazardous material shelving and racking systems including containment shelving for small containers and pallet racking systems for drums and IBCs offer safe and compliant solutions for storing and dispensing hazardous materials without having to worry about leaks and drips.

The range of hazardous substances shelves that DENIOS offer is designed to suit a wide variety of uses. Stackable racks and drum racks are used in all applications where hazardous substances in drums and small containers must be stored and dispensed safely.

Safely store small containers of water-polluting substances, flammable liquids, and aggressive chemicals with Chemical Shelving from DENIOS US. Offered in a wide variety of models, shelving is available in either galvanized steel or poly, and can be expanded with the addition of extra shelves or extension units.

Perfect for any location where reactive or corrosive chemicals are stored, our shelving can also be combined with a sump pallet or grid to contain larger spills or drips. Many of our shelving options also feature recessed shelves to contain smaller spills.

How can I prevent hazardous chemical spills when using small containers?

Small containers are commonly used for hazardous chemicals in a wide variety of facilities. To contain drips and spills, Stainless Steel Drip Trays are ideal. Stainless Steel Drip Trays are valuable in areas where small containers need to be used. They can be stored on laboratory counters, on or below workbenches, or even on existing storage shelves to improve spill protection.

Available in four sizes, these drip trays will never rust and are ideal for storing acid and alkali liquids.

What can I use for easily storing small containers?

For secure storage of small hazardous material containers, DENIOS US offers a broad selection of Containment Shelving. Depending on the chosen model, products that are hazardous to water, corrosive chemicals, or flammable liquids can be safely and easily stored.

With additional shelves, shelving units, and extension units available, Containment Shelving can be arranged in a variety of configurations to suit your business’s specific needs. By choosing an open caged design, an unobstructed view of all stored materials can be easily achieved.

Some models are available with sump pallets or grids for improved protection, which are produced from either polyethylene or galvanized steel.


What if I need to lock up my hazardous chemical containers?

To securely lock up hazardous chemicals, DENIOS US carries Caged Containment Shelving. In addition to providing spill containment, Caged Containment Shelving features doors that can be padlocked for extra security.

This type of shelving is ideal for situations that require access to sensitive materials is restricted. Its all-steel caging is complemented by galvanized shelves that resist corrosion and are adjustable in 1.5” inch increments. Shelves also feature a 1.5” inch recess to collect drips and spills, while preventing shelf contents from accidentally being pushed off the shelf.


How can I make the best use of my available space for storing products?

DENIOS US carries many Chemical Shelving options, including some that are highly adjustable. While our Containment Shelving offers a wide range of configuration options, we also sell Poly Shelving that is adjustable in 2” inch increments. The plastic shelves of our Poly Shelving are reinforced with steel to safely hold 500 lbs on each shelf.

Perfect for storing caustic liquids and other aggressive applications, Poly Shelving includes a galvanized sump to help contain spills and minimize cleanup. The sump can handle a full 12 gallons of liquid, and is leak-proof, alongside resisting rust and corrosion.