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Neutralizers are highly efficient, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and landfill-safe granular absorbents. This 55-gallon drum size will tackle your largest spills or can be used as a bulk supply to refill smaller containers around your facility.

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Landfill safe

Landfill safe

Environmentally friendly and landfill safe. These properties result in lower shipping and disposal costs and save time when cleaning up a spill.

  • Dimensions:23" L x 23" W x 37" H

  • Weight:85 lbs.

  • Regulations:40 CFR 112.7, 40 CFR 122.26, 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)

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DENIOS has many spill control products to assist you in small spills to large area spill containment.

  • Densorb Absorbents
  • Spill Kits
  • Spill and leak response
  • Drip Trays

Within our range of products for handling hazardous materials, we stock several spill & leak protection products for many different sectors and types of businesses.



  • Landfill safe

  • Low disposal costs

  • Super absorbent for more efficient cleanup

  • Absorbs almost any liquid, including water

  • Not compatible with hydrofluoric acid

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