Absorbent Rolls

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls absorb quickly and safely. They are suitable for oils, coolants, solvents and water as well as non-aggressive acids and alkalis. DENSORB absorbent rolls are ideally suited for covering large areas, either on or under leak-prone machinery. They come in Universal, Oil-Only, and Hazmat. 

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Choose the right type for your application 

Universal Rolls

Use Universal Rolls for nearly any general purpose industrial or commercial cleanup. These Fine Fiber polypropylene sorbents will soak both oil and water based non-aggressive liquids. Use these for routine maintainance and repair work wherever spill, drips, or leaks are likely to occur. Choose Medium weight for asborbing smaller cleanups and Heavy for your larger spills. 

Oil-Only Rolls

Oil-Only sorbents have specially coated fibers to absorb oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons while repelling water. Choose medium weight for normal volumes and heavy for your larger spills. 

Hazmat Rolls

These Hazmat Rolls are resistant to a wide range of chemicals including both acidic and basic liquids. They will quickly absorb liquids that are water or oil based. The special melt-blown technology provides a highly efficient absorbency as well as a tough, tear resistant construction.