Absorbent Socks & Booms

DENSORB absorbent socks and booms have been developed for containing leaks and use in areas which are difficult to access. Use DENSORB socks from the Universal range to safely absorb oils, coolants, lubricants, solvents, antifreezes, oil-water emulsions and other aqueous fluids as well as non-aggressive acids and alkalis. The sock contains extremely absorbent polypropylene. Their flexible casing allows absorbent socks to be shaped.


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Choose the right type for your application

Choose the right type for your application

Universal Socks 

Universal Socks are for use in most liquid cleanup jobs where aggressive chemicals are not likely to be encountered. 

Oil-Only Socks & Booms

Oil-Only Socks are especially designed to quickly wick oil-based liquids and fuels. Due to their ability to repel water, these socks are perfect for outdoor placement to absorb hydrocarbons without becoming saturated with rainwater. 

Oil-Only Booms are heavy-duty, water repelling sorbents designed to capture and hold oil-based liquids spilled or deposited into waterways. Even when fully saturated, these booms will continue to float. 

Hazmat Socks

Hazmat Socks are suited for absorbing acids, bases, and other aggressive liquids. Also able to be used for oil or water-based spills.