Fire Rated Drum Storage Lockers

DENIOS US Fire Rated Drum Storage Lockers are constructed with UL Approved 2-hour fire rated designs. Each model provides a spill compliant sump underneath a galvanized grating platform. All models come standard with passive vents, exterior grounding lug, anchoring point, and a NFPA 704 placard.  Approved for storage of flammables within 10 feet of the facility.

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2-Hour Fire Rated Drum Storage Locker

Choose from capacities of 2 to 14 drums or 1 to 2 IBC totes. Door styles include hinged and roll-up. Many models FM Approved.

Options available include:

  • lights
  • fire suppression
  • temperature control
  • mechanical ventilation
  • fiberglass grating and poly sump liners.

Choose between blue, tan, or white painted finishes.