Fire Rated Gas Cylinder Cages

Safety and responsibility are the highest priority when it comes to fire resistant gas cylinder cages.

Gas cylinders are best stored outdoors when possible, if this is not possible then fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets can be used. Fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets from DENIOS US are suitable for the fire resistant storage of gas cylinders.

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Fire Protection Provides Maximum Safety

These fire resistant gas cylinder cages offer optimum fire protection and the greatest reliability for compressed gas cylinders. A wide accessory program, such as a ready to plug extraction unit for technical ventilation, adjusting feet for use on uneven floor surfaces, lead through points for connecting pipes and cylinder mounting rails complement the functionality of the fire resistant gas cylinder cages. DENIOS US gas cylinder fire protection cages are suitable for fire-resistant storage of gas cylinders outdoors.

A gas bottle storage with fire protection guarantees maximum safety during storage and handling of gas cylinders. A gas bottle storage outdoors is ideal for fire safety reasons, but not always feasible. For such cases, DENIOS also offers fire-proof gas cylinder cabinets for indoor use