Steel / Stainless Steel Spill Pallets & Sumps

DENIOS US is the market leader in stainless steel spill pallets and sumps. Our 304 stainless steel models provide compliant spill containment and can be ordered with or without grating (choose between stainless steel and fiberglass grating.) Pallets provide forklift access for easy relocation. Durable 11 gauge steel construction is leak tested to ensure quality.

Choose between capacities of 1, 2, 3, 4, inline, 6, and eight drums.

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High Protection When Storing Aggressive Chemicals.

Stainless steel spill pallets ans sumps offer high protection for when storing aggressive chemicals. Integrated forklift truck pockets allow the sump pallets to be easily transported.

Sump capacities up to 264 litres and galvanized or stainless steel IBC dispensing platforms available on request.

Models with integrated fork and entry pockets increase mobility and are easily transported in-house with a forklift truck. Variants without fork pockets are suitable for ground-level storage or storage on pallets. Choose between galvanized steel or stainless steel gratings.