Spill Cart - 16 Gallon - 16-gal with Grating Platform

Article no.: K17-3140-W
Spill Cart - 16 Gallon  - 16-gal with Grating Platform
Complete with rugged casters and aluminum push handle, 16-Gallon Spill Carts are designed for smaller containers and are easy to maneuver in narrow aisles or between equipment in tight places.
  • 16-gallon sump provides adequate spill capacity for 16-gal drums and most other small containers
  • Solid welded steel construction for prolonged use in harsh industrial applications
  • Choose open sump or grating platform styles
  • Grating is easily removed for sump cleaning
  • $640.00 Excl. VAT


    MODEL Dimensions L x D x H (w / handle) (in) Shipping Weight (lbs) Load Capacity (lbs) Order No. 16-gal with Grating Platform 35 x 25 x 41 192 450 K17-3140 al without Grating 35 x 25 x 41 165 450 K17-3141

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