Spill Sump - Galvanized Steel | 350 Gal | IBC Dispensing | Platform Only

Article no.: K17-1171-W
Spill Sump - Galvanized Steel | 350 Gal | IBC Dispensing | Platform Only
Allows for the safe filling of containers from the front of the stand. Containers being filled can rest securely on the grating. Any drips or spills are captured The extra depth provided by the dispensing platform allows clearance in the front of the IBC for attachment of valves and hoses. Select the combination of stands and splashguard to suit your application. Stands are sloped 3° for efficient dispensing. Splashguards help contain spills and splashes while keeping outside objects from entering the sump. In the compliant spill containment sump.
$3,286.00 Excl. VAT


Product information
IBC spill pallets Galvanized steel spill sumps
Double IBC Dispensing Stand Dimensions (Assembled) L x D x H (in.) Shipping Weight (lbs) Load Capacity (lbs) Order No. Painted Order No. Galv.
Platform Only + Full Grating 120 x 73 x 15 1090 10000 K17-3171 K17-1171
Platform + Single Stand 120 x 73 x 36 1230 10000 K17-8014 K17-8020
Platform + 2 Stands 120 x 73 x 36 1350 10000 K17-8015 K17-8021
Platform + 2 Stands + Splashguard 120 x 73 x 61 1550 10000 K17-8005 K17-8022

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