Stackable Drum Rack and Sump System - 1-Drum Rack

Article no.: K17-1904-W
Stackable Drum Rack and Sump System - 1-Drum Rack
  • By combining Stackable Drum Racks and Spill Sumps a variety of configurations are available
  • Select the components you need to configure a layout suited to your specific needs
  • Each Rack is easily lifted and relocated with a forklift
  • Spill Containment Sumps are sized to comply with OSHA and EPA requirements
  • These sumps catch drips and spills associated with dispensing, maintaining a neat, safe area
  • All components are made of heavy gauge steel, galvanized to provide years of service with a rust-free appearance
  • $250.00 Excl. VAT


    Appropriate Combinations 1-Drum Sump 1-Drum Rack 2 / 3 Drum Sump 3 16-gal Drum Rack 2 - Drum Rack
    Dimensions L x D x H (in) 28 x 50 x 10 33 x 25 x 33 50 x 50 x 6 56 x 25 x 36 56 x 25 x 36
    Storage Capacity 55 gallons 1 x 55-gal Drum 55 gallons 3 x 16-gal Drum 2 x 55-gal Drum
    Stacking Capacity 2-High 2-High 2-High
    Order No. K12-1101 K17-1904 K12-1102 K17-1906 K17-1905

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