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Occupancy Storage Buildings

An Occupancy chemical storage building serves as both a storage space for chemicals and a functional work area where employees can engage in activities such as dispensing, dosing, and other tasks involving stored liquids. Our Occupancy Buildings are designed explicitly for personnel occupancy, and we offer numerous options to enhance safety, efficiency, and security within the building. We prioritize safety, and our products are designed to meet industry standards, while most models are FM Approved.

We offer widths of 8, 10, and 12 feet, with lengths ranging from 8 to 52 feet, providing a range of size options. All units are built to accommodate indoor and outdoor placement, with standard hinged man doors included and optional door sets available. Our buildings are delivered ready for placement and use and can be easily moved using a fork truck or crane.

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Occupancy Chemical Storage Buildings

Our Chemical Storage Buildings are designed to provide greater storage flexibility, enhancing the structure's overall efficiency. With over 25 standard sizes available, you can choose the optimal space for storing your hazardous chemicals or processes to meet your needs.

Sizes and Styles:

  • Our products are available in widths of 8, 10, and 12 feet, with lengths ranging from 8 to 52 feet
  • All our units are designed to accommodate indoor and outdoor placement
  • Door styles include hinged or roll-up and can be designed in multiple configurations
  • Models are available with single-sided or double-sided access
  • Range of models, including non-combustible, fire-rated, and temperature Controlled options to meet specific requirements and preferences

Popular Applications:

  • Process Enclosures are designed, including pumping, mixing, dispensing, dosing, filling, and paint kitchen operations, among others
  • Remote Storage: waste collection, fuel dispensing, supplies such as pesticides
  • Agricultural Chemical Storage: agricultural areas, parks and recreation, golf courses
  • Secured storage and separation options for a variety of materials, including toxic, bio-waste, dangerous, and valuable materials
  • Chemical storage in non-combustible and fire-rated solutions
  • Fuel component enclosures and battery testing enclosures

Proven standard worldwide

With over 35 years of engineering experience, DENIOS is a global leader in hazardous material storage and handling solutions. We are represented in over 20 countries across America, Europe, and Asia, providing our expertise and solutions to customers worldwide.

The DENIOS System of Storage Lockers, Occupancy Buildings, and Non-Occupancy Buildings explicitly addresses the client's material handling and processing needs. All our structures are designed for placement indoors or outdoors and can be easily relocated via crane or forklift. All provide options for fire rating, explosion protection, and temperature control. All designs address what and how much is being stored and how often it needs to be handled. And all are compliant.

Customized solutions through various equipment

The right equipment is crucial for configuring a customized solution that meets your needs. Our experienced experts will work closely with you to coordinate your requirements and develop a tailored solution. We offer several add-ons to our buildings, with the most popular options including:

Our buildings can have heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling technology to regulate the indoor climate. Reliable air conditioning is essential in many industrial areas to protect heat or frost-sensitive stored goods from harmful temperature influences. This technology can help maintain your stored chemicals' safe and stable environment.

Additionally, we offer ramps for easy access. Lighting is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. Eye shower stations are also available to ensure a quick and effective treatment during chemical exposure. Our sales representatives can provide further advice and assistance in selecting the appropriate add-ons for your needs.

Air conditioning

Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.


Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.

Technical ventilation

For effective cross ventilation of the hazmat storage.

Comfort control

Human-Machine Interface panels/displays for indoor or outdoor use

Dry Chem systems

Dry Chem systems provide extra safety in containers used to store flammable and non-flammable substances. DENIOS offers a wet or dry system.

Fire detectors

DENIOS fire detectors are equipped with approved multi-sensors, that detect smoke and fire quickly and reliably.

What is the meaning of FM approval?

FM approvals are the independent testing arm of the international insurance carrier FM Global. FM approvals use scientific research and testing to ensure products conform to the highest safety and property loss prevention standards. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark, which is very valuable for insurance purposes.

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We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice & service fulfillment at your fingertips. Our advisors go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Take advantage of our phone, mail or on-premise service offers.

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