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Custom Made Peroxide Storage Solutions

All fire protection bearings can be equipped as peroxide bearings. They consist of a robust and corrosion-resistant steel construction, a non-flammable 2 hour fire rated fire protection insulation and self-contained fire protection doors, and have a lower self-weight against concrete.

Further safety advantages of the individual equipment of your peroxide hazardous substances storage:

  • Heating and cooling technology
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Alarm systems
  • Gas detectors
  • Stainless steel insert or PE inliner

Safety Standards

The peristaltic bucket of a peroxide bearing is made of steel and is provided with a plastic insert (PE inner liner) or stainless steel to ensure resistance to aggressive peroxides. The peroxide bearings can be designed to be earthquake-resistant according to the highest international earthquake standards.

Organic peroxides have a high risk potential due to their ability to decompose under temperature or catalytic action. In order to minimize the risk of storage of organic peroxides, a number of regulations have to be considered in the construction of peroxide storage systems.

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Project sequence for customized peroxide storage

Consultation / Site Visit
Consultation / Site Visit
Customer Approval
Customer Approval
Service / Maintenance
Service / Maintenance

Reliable storage: Temperature under control

The self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT) is the temperature at which the risk of self-accelerating decomposition of the peroxides is exceeded. The temperature of the stored goods must be at least 14 ° F below SADT. 

In order to ensure the quality requirements and safety criteria for a constant temperature range of the peroxides, in addition to F 90 fire protection, good thermal insulation must also be ensured. 

DENIOS offers you all fire protection shelf containers as specially equipped peroxide bearings, which guarantee an excellent F90 insulation by means of panels made of mineral wool (material class A).

Integrated ventilation

Technical ventilation prevents the accumulation of explosive air-gas mixtures. The integrated air-conditioning system ensures compliance with the required temperature range. All electrical installations are explosion-proof and UL-certified.

DENIOS product brochures

A wide range of further details on our tailor-made solutions, product details and extensive accessories descriptions can be found in the DENIOS-US main catalog, which is published annually. 

In addition, we offer comprehensive product brochures for our customers in the fields of hazardous substance storage technology, air technology, thermo technology, technical and safety areas, cleaning technology as well as service and maintenance. 

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